BitClout: A Crypto Trend Worth Watching

With big-time investors like Andreessen-Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, will the product live up to the hype?

Here’s a hypothetical example.

The current prices (29 March 2021) of some of the top creators on the platform currently. Elon seems to be the blue-chip stock

But hold on, how does Max fit into all of this? Doesn’t he have a say in who is trading his coin?

An unverified profile,

Why would I buy one?

Is that all BitClout is good for though?

So, is BitClout a good bet then?

What the posts section on BitClout looks like

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though

We hope.

What does the future of BitClout look like?

What’s my bet?

B.Eng. Serial entrepreneur. Current CEO of a Fintech. I write about all things business, product design and original thinking:

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